NIHR Framework

National Institute for Health Research Framework

Shaping Better Practice Through Research: A Practitioner's Framework’ is the first framework designed to help Allied Health Professionals (AHPs) in all roles and at all career levels carry out research.

The framework provides guidance on research activities, collaboration, how research relates to career development and how it informs practice. It could foster a stronger tradition of research among AHPs.

It provides advice on collaboration, career development and research-informed practice; and guidance on the following eight domains of research:

  • career development
  • research methods
  • carrying out research safely and effectively (delivery)
  • putting research results into practice
  • collaborating with others in research
  • management and leadership
  • education and training
  • strategy and planning

The framework describes four levels of research skills - Awareness, Core, Intermediate, Advanced – and looks in detail at aspects of these research domains. For example, ethics and informed consent is part of the safe delivery of research.